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Welcome to FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U.

These terms and conditions describe the rules and regulations for the use of the FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U. owned websites www.ftsplatform.com and www.ftsnews.com (online magazine), as well as regulate the relationship between FTS Football Talent scouting e.U. and end users.

By accessing the web site, we assume that you agree to these terms and conditions & privacy policy in its entirety. Do not continue to use the FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U. website if you do not accept all the terms and conditions listed on the site www.ftsplatform.com and www.ftsnews.com.


  1. Terminology

The following terminology applies to Business Terms and Conditions of FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U. web site,  Privacy Statement as well as Disclaimer Notice.”Visitor”, “Buyer”, “User” “You” and “Yours” refers to you, a person accessing these web sites, by accepting the terms and conditions of the Advertising Agency, „Agency“, „We“ „FTS Football Talent Scouting“ „ FTS platform“ are terms which refer to us. Any use of the above terminology or other words in singular, plural, capitalization and / or in a he or she form are interchangeable and therefore relates to them.  II.   GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT THE SERVICE PROVIDER Advertising Agency FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U.

Website address: FTS platform www.ftsplatform.com

Online magazine www.ftsnews.com


Ovner:  Mag. Naida Grbo

Registered individual company


Office : Hlawkagasse 10/4/6/49, 1100 Vienna, Austria



Registered Identification Number (RN) : 489160dCommercial Court Vienna  Contact details :0043/(0)6647972200              E-mail:info@ftsplatform.com



III. AGENCY SERVICESThe agency aims to provide the services of promoting young football talents U10-U21 through the www.ftsplatform.com websites and through the online magazine www.ftsnews.com, creating promotional profiles for young players, as well as allowing access to platforms for coaches, scouts and managers who show interest in watching young talents. While the main task of the online magazine, apart from the promoting young talents from the FTS platform, is providing visitors with information from the world of football, including history, the most important personalities, rules, football organizations and current football news.



The use of the FTS platform in terms of making promotional profiles is intended solely for registered users. Within the registration, the user is obliged to provide complete and accurate data and subsequently update them in the event of any changes. After completing the requested information and accepting the registration by FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U. the user will receive an email confirmation with the activation link for finalizing registration and creating the promotional profile. The User agrees to keep their access data confidential and to protect them from accessing unauthorized third parties. The access to the content on the site www.ftsnews.com, as well as in the User base on www.ftsplatform.com, is open to all visitors in accordance with these terms and conditions.





Access to the site www.ftsnews.com, as well as a part of the site www.ftsplatform.com is open to all visitors who adhere to these terms and conditions while part of the site www.ftsplatform.com (Database of coaches, managers, scouts) available exclusively to registered users of our agency services.

The Agency offers as its product a promotional profile of the football player with all the basic information about it as well as photos, videos, articles on the online magazine and additional promotion services depending on the two packages of services that the User chooses when registering himself as Basic or Premium user (where they have complete insight into the level of service they receive with the Basic or Premium package). The Agency is not responsible for the quality of the profile if the disadvantages are attributed to the poor quality of the multimedia content provided by the User for the purpose of making the profile itself. The promotional profile will be hosted on www.ftsplatform.com for 12 months as of the contract sign date. The prices and contents of the promotional service packages are subject to change at any time, without prior notice and at the discretion of the Agency.

The User refers to the price tagged with the product (package) as well as its content, at the time of order.


Managers / coaches / scouts access and register on the FTS platform as Users for free.


As an additional product, the Agency may offer the publication of promotional articles on www.ftsnews.com, as well as selling space for advertising. Each product has its name, a brief description, availability and price. The prices are expressed in EUR and do not include value added tax as the Agency is not currently obligated.





Purchasing one of the offered packages is done by selecting the chosen package and followed by receiving a 12-month contract via e-mail and an invoice for the fee for the promotional services package. After making the payment at the agreed amount, a promotional profile as well as other services specified in the package in agreement will be completed. Payments are made via a credit transfer.

The Agency will send an invoice to the User electronically at the e-mail address specified during registration or if the contract is signed in person, along with a copy of the contract in the printed version, the service account will be issued upon payment.

If the invoice is delivered to the User electronically, it will be delivered in a format in which it can be printed or saved by the computer, within 48 hours, or, more precisely, after the system records that the payment was made. If the invoice is not delivered within the allocated timeframe, we ask the User to please check their Spam folder or alternatively, to check whether their inbox might be full.

The invoice as well as payment can be issued in another currency (convertible marks) depending on the place of signing the contract (if the contracts are signed in person) which would equal the equivalent of the amount in EUR, at the valid exchange rate of the day of signing the contract.

For all questions and uncertainties regarding the invoice you can contact the Agency at: info@ftsplatform.com.




The service contract is signed by both parties upon payment of the amount for the selected package. If the Service User is a minor, the contract is signed by their parents/guardians, with the Additional Consent for the use of data, photographs and videos of the minors, for promotional purposes. The duration of the contract is 12 months from the date of signing, and if the contracting parties are satisfied with the mutual cooperation, the contract can be extended by making a re-payment for the package, which would result in updating the contents of the existing profile with new contents and retaining the existing one. Parties may terminate the contract at any time with prior written consent

The Agency is entitled to unilaterally terminate the contract in case of serious violations of the rules or non-compliance with the terms and conditions. It is strictly forbidden and therefore it leads to a direct termination of the contract (deleting the profile as well as the inability to access the FTS platform for 12 months), and a court lawsuit would be issued against the User in case of:

– the use of insults, transmission of vulgar messages and threats of any kind, content which incites discrimination based on sex, age, national religious, racial, or any other orientation;

– Publishing or transmitting any materials that endanger, or in any way violate the rights of others, and any material that is, by its nature, unlawful, threatening, offensive, defamatory, which violates or endangers the privacy of the User is forbidden.

– Using the FTS Platforms to advertise or execute any commercial, religious, political, or non-commercial advertising is also forbidden, as well as illegal reproduction of content from the FTS platform and online magazine and the use of the said content for commercial purposes, including the discovery of the content of the FTS platform and the database for personal benefits.

For users of the FTS platform which are minors, the responsibility falls on their parents / guardians.



The content of the FTS Football Talent Scouting web pages (www.ftsplatform.com, www.ftsnews.com) is protected and exclusively under the ownership of FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U. You must contact the Agency for any commercial use of the content published on the Agency’s website by sending an email to: info@ftsplatform.com.

You may not use the pages in an improper and illegal manner. All intellectual property rights (logo, trademarks and service marks, domain names, site design, copyright, database rights) and the content and material featured on these web pages are owned by the FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U.

Without prior consent or explicit written permission, you cannot create frames around our web pages or use other techniques that in any way alter the visual presentation or appearance of our website.

Reservation of rights

We reserve the right at any time and at your sole discretion to remove any links with our site.  The content of the site may be used for personal, non-commercial purposes only and may not be reproduced, altered, copied, distributed, published, displayed, transferred or sold in any form, in any way, in whole or in part, except with the written consent of the Agency.


FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U. reserves the right to disable access to the website due to technical or other difficulties and maintenance. The Agency is not responsible for the occurrence of any damages or costs incurred by the User of the Service due to termination, passivity or difficulties in the operation of the website.

The Agency strives to ensure the data published on the site is updated in a timely manner. The Agency is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the content posted on the website, nor does it accept any liability for any damages that may arise for the User of the Service due to the publication of such content.

The Agency is not responsible for the accuracy of the data nor for the multimedia content provided by the User for the creation of a profile, nor for all content that changed after the creation of the profile. The User explicitly confirms that the Agency is not responsible for offensive, inappropriate or unlawful conduct of the User or third parties and that the risk of damage that may result as a result of this is entirely on the User.

The Agency is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice, or statement by a third party that has been obtained or disclosed on our site. Under no circumstances will the Agency be liable for any loss or damage arising from the Customer’s reliance on information received through FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U., as the User is liable for all the responsibility to assess the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information, opinions, opinions, opinions or other content available through the FTS platform. For the entire content (Data, Photos and Videos) posted by Users who are minors as well as the damage they potentially cause are the responsibility of their parents / guardians.

The Agency shall not be liable for any damages that may arise on the Website’s hardware, software or other equipment from the User of the Service.

The user must ensure the proper security and confidentiality of the data used to log on the website (e-mail, password).

The Agency has the right (without prior warning and explanation) to limit the activity of the User, remove the User Profile, warn other Users of the Services, and warn, temporarily or irretrievably close the user account, if the User violates the General Terms and Privacy Policy; if the Agency is not in a position to verify the personal information of the User with certainty; if the activities of the User can cause harm to other users or the Agency, and if the user account is used for the purpose of achieving illegal purposes.



Last update: 25.05.2018
This Privacy Policy applies to the Advertising Agency Services of FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U.  and to web sites www.ftsplatform.com and www.ftsnews.com.

These Privacy Policies, together with the terms and conditions published on our website, prescribe the general rights and rules governing your use of our websites.

We collect and process data on our site in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) . (In Austria -EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (EU-DSGVO- DSG2018)).



“Visitor”, “Customer”, and „User” “You” and “Yours” refer to you, a person accessing these web sites, while “FTS Platform” relates to “FTS Football Talent Scouting”. 



The user has the right to be informed about the rules, storage and protection of his data. The following points constitute our Privacy Statement:

  1. Responsible body

FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U., assumes the role of the regulator in accordance with the EU Data Protection Decision. In other words, FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U. is a legal entity that will determine the purposes and ways of processing personal data of its Users. Agency Contact Details are: Hlawkagasse 10/4/49, 1100 Vienna, Austria, 0043(0)6647972200, e-mail: info@ftsplatform.com

  1. Collecting website visitor data
  2. Automatic collection of information

Each access to the Agency’s pages automatically captures certain information that is general and is not considered as personal information (user browser, number of visits, average visit time on pages, visited pages). The Agency undertakes to collect and process these data at a minimum and will not specifically analyze them or disclose them to third parties. This information is important to the Agency since they are used to measure the attractiveness of the website and to improve content and usability.


  1. Collecting and storing personal data

Personal data includes any information relating to an identified physical person or a person who can be identified; a person who can be identified is a person whose identity can be determined directly or indirectly, in particular on the basis of an identification number or one or more characteristics specific to her physical, psychological, mental, cultural or social identity. The Agency collects personal data of registered members (name and surname, date of birth, place, country, address), as well as other data that are considered personal and are necessary for signing the contract and creating a promotional profile.

  1. Collecting and storing specially protected data (sensitive data)

The consent of the User to collect and use his personal data of photos and videos is permitted only if the child has reached the age of 16 (DSGVO) or for children of Austrian citizens if the User has reached 14 years of age (§ 4 Abs 4 DSG 2018). For all younger children, the written consent of parents / guardians is indispensable. All non-EU users under the age of 18 need to have parents / guardian consent. The Agency will never knowingly collect the information of the juvenile without the consent of the parent / guardian, unless the above is permitted by law. Other data that fall under specially protected data such as: religious, national, ethnic, political orientation, sexual orientation, health status, etc. the Agency will not collect or process.

FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U. also collects potentially personal data such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for visitors as well as for registered users.

  1. The purpose and legal basis for processing and storing data
  2. a) Legal basis for processing and storing data

Based on the DSGVO legislation, we store non-sensitive data with User’s consent (Art 6 Abs1lit a) for:

  • The purpose of signing the contract (Art 6 Abs 1 lit b)
  • Legitimate Agency interests if they do not jeopardize the rights of the User (Art 6 Abs 1 lit f)
  • Information that is publicly available by the User (Art 6 Abs 1 lit e)

Based on the DSGVO legislation, we store sensitive data:

  • With User’s consent ( parents / guardians of the child) ( Art 9 Abs 2lit a)
  • Information that is publicly available by the User (Art 9 Abs 2 lit e)

User rights

Based on the Privacy statement, the user must be informed of:

– The name and data of the responsible person,

–  the purpose of collecting and storing his data,

– the manner of protecting his data

Recipients or recipient categories

All data collected and processed by the Agency shall be used solely for the purposes of the Agency itself and for the promotion of the Beneficiary. The Agency will not deliver the collected data to third parties without the prior consent of the Beneficiary.

Intent to submit data to a third country or an international organization

The Agency does not intend to supply data to third countries or to international agencies unless it proves to be necessary in order to better promote the User and with his prior consent.

Storage duration or criteria for determining the duration

Stored data is kept as long as the contract between the Agency and the Beneficiary lasts, which can be extended after the expiration, keeping all existing data as well as storing new. After the contract is terminated, all data is automatically deleted from the system. With the consent of the User, the Agency may only retain basic information after the expiration of the contract (name, surname, date of birth, city and country) due to the personal register of the users of the Agency’s services. The user can subscribe to newsletters at any time, as well as unsubscribe after which his data is deleted.

If the User wishes to, he can remain connected to Agency social networks, even after the termination of the contract, and if necessary he will need to unfollow our accounts. After the contract has been terminated, the registration information and the possibility of re-logging to the site is removed until the new contract is signed.


Right to information

For all questions related to the protection of personal data and / or privacy, the service users can contact the Agency by e-mail. On the Beneficiary request, the Agency will provide all the information stored on the User (more information Art 15 DSGVO).

In the event that there is suspicion of abuse or in case of not providing information, the User has the right to file an objection to the Agency for the Protection of Personal Data.

Right to correction, cancellation and restriction

The prerequisite for the right to cancel or delete the data is applied if the personal data is no longer required for the purposes for which they were collected or the User has revoked their consent for the processing of data. Deleting personal data after the expiration of the contract is necessary to fulfill a legal obligation towards the Union or national law.

Right to limitations

The prerequisite for the right to limit the use of data is used if: the User has denied the accuracy of personal data up until the Agency verifies the accuracy of personal data, the User has objected to the processing of data, provided he is not sure that the legitimate reasons of the Agency exceeded the reasons for the User, the User refuses to delete personal data, and instead asked for a restriction on the use of personal data.

The User has the right under Article 18 of the DSGVO to restrict the use of his personal data.

Right to amendments

If the User notices that the data held by the Agency on him is defective, he has the right under Art. 16 of the DSGVO to correct the inaccurate information or to supplement the incomplete information.

Data transferability

The user is entitled to transfer his / her stored data to another enterprise, i.e. on another website.

Right to recall

Once granted consent by the User to use and store his / her data may be revoked at any time.

  1. b) Purpose of collecting and processing data

The Agency collects and stores the data of our Users that are necessary only for the purpose of signing the contract and creating a promotional profile of registered users without which the site www.ftsplatform.com would not fulfill its primary purpose, as well as the promotion of the User of the Service, providing information on the activities of the Agency, sending Newsletters, using cookies, and sending information electronically via e-mail, and establishing contact with registered users.


Through the newsletter our Agency will send all necessary information, news, offers and promotional actions for the users of our services. The application for our newsletter is done through the opt-in procedure (approval as per Article 6. (1) a DSGVO), as well as giving consent to the signing of the contract. A subscriber can subscribe to newsletters at any time, either in social networking settings or by clicking the end of an email newsletter, and they can unsubscribe at the bottom of the newsletter after which he will stop receiving information from the Agency.

Using Cookies

In order to enrich and improve your online experience, the Agency uses “Cookies” as well as similar technologies and services that are used to view personalized content, appropriate advertising, and store your settings on your computer.
A cookie is a set of information that the web site stores on the user’s computer, and the user browser provides the website every time the user returns. The agency uses cookies to help identify and track visitors, their use of www.ftsplatform.com, www.ftsnews.com, and their access to the Internet. Data collected includes the user’s IP address, browser information, language, operating system, and other standard data that is collected and analyzed exclusively in anonymous and mass form. Users who do not want to put cookies on their computers should set their browsers to reject cookies before using the web pages, but by preventing or deleting cookies, keep in mind that some parts of the site will not work properly.

If you continue to navigate on our website without changing your cookie settings, this confirms and accepts the use of FTS Football Talent Scouting e.U. cookies.

The agency occasionally also uses Google Analytics statistics, and you can find third-party cookie policies for Google Analytics. We may occasionally collect information about how users use our web site using other tools similar to Google Analytics.



Our sites display YouTube videos, which are stored on www.youtube.com and can be reproduced directly from our site. All are included in the so-called extended privacy mode, i.e. to not transmit information about you to the User until you play a video after which YouTube cookies remain on your computer. All videos uploaded by the Agency to their YouTube channel, where registered users are located, this is done with the prior consent of the User himself when signing the contract.


Ads appearing on our web pages may be delivered to Users by advertisers who can set cookies. These cookies allow the ad server to recognize your computer every time they send you an online ad to collect information about you or others using your computer. These data allow ad networks to deliver targeted ads that they believe will most interest you, among other things. This Privacy Policy covers the use of cookies by FTS Football Talent Scouting and does not cover the use of cookies by any other advertiser.

Links to external websites

Our Agency websites may contain links to external sites that are not managed by the Agency. If you click on a third-party link, you will be directed to that third-party website. We recommend reviewing the Privacy Policy and the terms and conditions of each site you visit. The Agency has no control and assumes no responsibility for the content, privacy or practice of third-party websites, products, or services.

  1. Agency obligations

The Agency is obliged to inform the User about the storage, processing and purpose of using the data.

Data protection

We provide all state-of-the-art technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from loss, unauthorized access and abuse, but remember that any transfer over the Internet or electronic storage mode is not 100% secure. While we are trying to use commercially acceptable means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. In addition to the aforementioned, the Agency does not assume responsibility in the event of hacking attacks on its own website, on its own computer or on the loss of personal data of the User due to external influences that the Agency could not influence.

Technical User Data Protection

Hosting – The Agency uses hosting services for its website. Hosting services also include storage and database services as well as security and technical maintenance. The agency owns a private hosting server, which controls access and protects its data better.

The Agency protects the User data by:

-the restriction of access by using passwords for entering the database,

– the encryption of the laptop that accesses Client data,

– virus protection,

– regular updating of data as well as access codes, and restricting the physical access to printed documents signed by the User to third parties.

While the Service User is required to take care of the security of his or her username and password.

Privacy Policy Changes

The Agency may periodically change its privacy policy, and we ask our Customers to check the privacy statement frequently. Your continued use of this website after any change to these Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of such an amendment.




Users of the sites www.ftsplatform.com and www.ftsnews.com, accept the published General Terms and Conditions as well as the Privacy Statement. The Agency reserves the right to modify the General Terms and Conditions of Business, as well as the privacy statement, and propose to Users periodic browsing. If any changes are unacceptable to the User, you should discontinue the use of these pages. If you continue to use them, you will be deemed to have accepted any changes.

All changes to the General Terms and Conditions are binding on the User of the Service and are always available on the website under “General Terms and Conditions”. If the Service Provider does not agree with these General Terms, he may simply stop using this Site.


For all questions, clarifications and comments related to these Terms and Conditions, service users can contact the Agency via e-mail info@ftsplatform.com.